Don’t be TARTE-y for The Party🎨

     Favorite palette 10 days into 2017… Tarte’s Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. Tarteist Pro consist of not five, not ten, but TWENTY, yes 20 highly pigmented shades, 4 of which are shimmers, and 16 mattes. With so many colors to chose from, this palette can easily be your answer to creating everyday looks as well as special occasion glam. 

     I was given the pleasure of putting the Tarteist Pro to work on one of my beautiful clients. Paired with a nude lip, Tarte’s “Little Black Dress” lashes, and a great glo from Tarte’s Tarteist Pro Glow (which deserves its own feature), I was able to achieve her requested look. A gold shimmering lid with a smoky outer corner. 

   Create endless beauty with Tarteist Pro palette! I promise you will not be disappointed. ​​​Tarteist Pro retails for $53.00 and can be purchased at Impulse Beauty inside Macys!  

*If you’re in the Pittsburgh, PA area book an appointment with me @ Impulse Beauty South Hills Village!   Email

    STONE Cold Fox 🐺

      This Halloween was epic! Great party, great food, great people. Oh, but hold up! Let’s not forget the great costume to go along with the great makeup.💁🏽 Lip color can make you or break you and this years shade was no different!     

      NYX has graced us with 12 new matte liquid lipstick shades and HONEY! They are everything and more. Bringing the pigment and the moisture, NYX matte lipstick has done it again. Incorporating brand new light shades as well as some very dark shades, it’s just the thing to stay up to date with this falls’ trends. NYX Liquid Suede is the new kid on the block! This Halloween, I took on Stone Fox! My new favorite fall shade. 

      Although the lips are covered, I felt as though I was wearing nothing. This formula is super smooth and light weight. Full coverage is an absolute must and NYX Liquid Suede definitely delivered.  

      Let’s get to the good stuff!  NYX Liquid Suede retails for $7.00USD. The only thing is you have to get your hands on these 12 shades before they sell out! Check your local Ulta Beauty store locations and online at while supplies last. Happy Shopping!  


    Ride The Wave 

    Texturized hair will never go out of style. Add a little bounce and effortless looking glam to your day by giving yourself loose beach waves. 

     Some of our favorite celebs: Ciara, Beyoncé, and Khloe Kardashian are known for their tousled locks. Who knew such minimal work could look so darn hot?! 


    Whether you’re really going to the beach or you just want to give off beach vibes I have the perfect product for you! Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray from the Not Your Mother’s product line.  


    Infused with Dead Sea salt & sea kelp which holds the hair in place, a few sprays and you’re ready to go. For maximum results, I’d recommend using this product on CLEAN, DAMP hair oppose to dry hair. Salt can absorb the moisture out of things and sea salt on the hair is no different. (After all, we’re going for loose volumous beach waves here not hair that feels like a hay stack.) With Beach Babe a little goes along way. Lightly mist a couple inches away from hair, begin from the ends upward NOT spraying directly at the scalp. 

     Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray along with the entire Not Your Mother’s product line can be found at Ulta Beauty stores. Want to hear something awesome… This product retails for under $10.00! Talk about a beauty steal! Get your hands on Beach Babe and you too can ride the gorgeous hair wave! Surfs up 🏄🏾

    Written By:Shannon Whitlock