Stay B&B (Bronzed & Beautiful)

  Just because it doesn’t feel like summer doesn’t mean you can’t still look like summer! With cooler temps comes pale skin and that is a no-no! Who said it has to be July for you to glow?!  

  Although these highlight/bronzers have been around for awhile they are awesome and deserve a feature. Sun Bunny by Too Faced cosmetics ( upper right) is the ultimate highlight! The copper and gold tones make it perfect for fall/winter. Bringing warmth to the face for a gorgeous looking tan. 

   Another thing I adore about Sun Bunny is that it is a universal shade. Making it perfect for ALL skin tones and providing sthe appearance of a rich tan. I prefer to use it as a highlighter after I’ve contoured. It makes the cheek bones pop and it photographs beautifully. 

  I already know your next question: Where can I get it? Too Faced Sun Bunny (as well as the entire palette photographed above) can be purchased at Ulta Beauty. This compact is the perfect stocking stuffer for the makeup lover in your life and retails for $30.00USD. Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!  


Written By: Shannon Whitlock

IG: shann_danielle_xo

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