Current Must Have: Vichy

SKIN. We all have it but do we all take care of it? 

 Skincare is such a huge deal. Realizing while young can set you up for a lifetime of amazingly beautiful skin. I’ve never met anyone who signed up for wrinkles and dark circles before age 40 but trust me it exist to some and definitely not by choice. Not to mention who wants to feel like daily makeup is an absolute must? As much as I am obsessed with makeup, on beach days or early morning errand runs I don’t ever want to feel like before I can leave my house I HAVE to apply makeup. 

 I’ve tried my fair share of skincare regimens. For those of you like myself who have neutral skin (not too oily and not too dry) it’s sometimes difficult to see the results of products because you’re not trying to treat one thing or another. My mission is to keep my skin hydrated. Dewey looking skin is a favorite because it looks clean and youthful. So here we go, my current skincare must have is: VICHY SKINCARE LINE! 

 I’m new to Vichy. My first experience was a couple months ago when I fell in love with the serum 10. It went over my skin so evenly and smooth. The serum is so lightweight and brought out such a natural glow in my skin! These products literally make me golden. My newest favorite is the Thermal Spa Water spray. I literally use this every day, it’s a great substitute as a setting spray before and after a makeup application and it’s awesome by itself. Perfect for those days where makeup isn’t necessary. Skin stays evenly hydrated all day and you don’t have to worry about it wearing off. 


 Vichy Aqualia Thermal line can be found at Ulta Beauty and products retail between $10.00-$45.00USD. Love the skin you’re in and grab these products! Happy Shopping 💋 

Written By: Shannon Whitlock 


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