Gearing Up For Autumn πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ

As the hot temps fade, the leaves begin to change, and the sun set comes earlier, it’s safe to say it’s time to replace the bikinis with sweaters and over the knee boots… Autumn is amung us!  While we’re changing our wardrobe let’s not forget to change those nails too! 

 Not sure which shade to go with? No problem! OPI has released a new collection called Venice. Venice is the 2015 fall collection. Just in time for the cooler weather comes some bold colors to rock! Complete with 15 shades you won’t go wrong this fall. Pair with a bold lip and girl BOOM! Killin it! 

 I have yet to try every color from this collection. 15 shades! Such variety! Thus far, Tiramisu for Two(far right) is what I’ve been rockin. It’s not quite time to hit the bolt colors yet (still holding onto the last bit of my summer vibes) so I’ve decided to ease into this trasition by keeping the nude but a nude with a bit more pigment and Tiramisu for Two is just that. 

  I’m so excited that fall is rapidly approaching! I can’t wait to try all of these brand new OPI Venice shades and I hope that you’ll try a few too! OPI polishes can be found at Ulta and Target store and retails between $7.50USD-$9.50USD. Make a statement this fall with OPI! Be Bold πŸ’…πŸΎ 

Written By: Shannon Whitlock 

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