Finding Foundation 🎨

 Almost daily I get questions about foundation. I pride myself in having gorgeous skin and I want to share two, one high end and one budget friendly, foundation brands with you that I am absolutely head over heels for!  

   Today’s foundation features are both liquid foundations. Before introducing them, a quick background on foundation for anyone just stepping into makeup. Foundation is important because it evens out the complexion, covering unwanted flaws and sometimes creating changes in the skin tone. Pretty important I’d say! Now let’s get to it!  
  One of my favorite foundations in the entire world would be… (Drum roll please) NARS Luminious Weightless Foundation.  (In store view pictured below) ⬇️


 NARS luminous weightless foundation is one of the best foundations I have come across. It is oil free, delivers full coverage and is very light weight. It feels extremely smooth and soft on the skin. 16 hours of wear is promised with this product making it perfect for a bride, photo shoots, or a night out on the town. With NARS Luminous a little goes a long way making the $48.00USD price tag worth it considering it should last quite awhile. NARS luminous weightless foundation can be found in stores at Sephora or online at

  Next, another favorite liquid foundation is from the complexion collection from BH Cosmetics. The company wanted to cut right to the chase so they didn’t bother giving it any fancy name. Just plain and simple “Liquid Foundation”.  

 Not to cause confusion, there is nothing plain and simple about this product. The coverage it gives is amazing yet very light. For those of you who don’t favor full face foundation but just a little something this is perfect! I was introduced to BH Cosmetics by vlogger babe Missy Lynn (@missylynn_ on Instagram) and have not turned back! This foundation is ideal for humid conditions, a day of running errands, mid day lunch date, any occasion that you can think of where you want to look presentable yet natural. Now can I please tell you the best part? Every time I order this product I do a little dance because it retails for $4.00USD!! I’m totally serious four bucks. BH cosmetics is constantly running sales and with a 67% off retail price of $9.00 this product (+tax) will run you a tab of $4.00 can you say STEAL??! Get over to right now and fill that electronic shopping cart to the top!   

*Both foundation brands come in multiple shades. 

Written By: Shannon Whitlock



2 thoughts on “Finding Foundation 🎨

  1. Valencia Evans says:

    I don’t wear makeup at all. Are there any powder foundations that you would recommend? I’ve tried liquid in the past & not to fond of it


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