Today I’m featuring two of my favorite face primers. Face primers are essential to a makeup application. I like to use the comparison of that of a house with no foundation. You can surely build the house but it won’t last. It will fall apart if a sturdy foundation isn’t in place. This is the same as the face! You can apply makeup to a clean face but it’s only a matter of time before it begins to wear off and crack if the proper foundation (primer is the foundation in this case) isn’t layed down first.  


 The purpose of primer is to smooth the surface of the skin for even application and also give your product something to grip to. Primers serve as a barrier, keeping makeup in place and for those of you who are like me and have skin more on the dry side, it keeps my skin from taking the moisture out of my makeup which can cause a cakey look. Instructions for applying primer is simple. Wash face and pat dry. Continue by applying any primers/ moisturizers to the face before makeup!  

 Two of my favorite primers are awesome for a variety of skin types. As you can see I have both a super affordable option as well as a higher end option. Both work equally as well.  NYX and Smashbox can both be found at Ulta Beauty in stores or online. Smashbox can also be purchased at Sephora in stores or online. Below, I’ve given a description of both! Prep and Prime the right way for a lasting look with Smashbox photo finish and NYX Angel Veil.  

NYX Angel Veil– primer is more of a lotion very full coverage BUT it must be applied evenly and  rubbed in complete or it can make the skin appear a little grey. Retails for $15.99USD.

Smashbox photo finish– primer is very silky and smooth, goes on skin like velvet. Clear serum. A little can go along way. Ideal for dry skin. Retails for $36.00USD.


 ** looking something a bit thinner with the same velvet feel? Try Laura Mercier skin infusion nourishing oil also found at retails for $62.00USD (I’d suggest for dry skin) 

Written By: Shannon Whitlock 

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