Perfecting The Pout 💋

 Lips! Lips! Lips! Lips are all the rave lately and let’s be honest no look is ever complete without a finished pair of kissers.           

 Thank You Kylie Jenner for bringing awareness back to the lip game! Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like a full pair of perfectly done lips. Lip color is the cherry on top of the sundae pulling everything together. From bright red to jet black, lip color comes in many shades. Enough for everyone, no matter what skin tone you have, to find the right shade that suits you! 


 Nude lips are a favorite of mine and if I said it was as easy as just applying one shade and heading out the door I’d be lying. Who says you have to stick to one color and one color only? Why not use multiple products to create the perfect lip color. NYX and MAC serve up a few of my favorite shades to create the perfect nude as well as colored lips. You think it they have it. MAC Taupe, NYX London, NYX liner Nutmeg, NYX gloss Sugar Pie, and NYX matte lip color Maison are the products that I use to create a flawless nude lip.  




 The KEY to lip color is the same as applying any other product. Blending makes perfect. After lining and contouring the lips blending the lip colors from the inside to the outside is very important. Also remembering to clean up any uneven lines or smudged product around the lip area when finished.

 When all of this is done… BOOM! You and your lipstick are now ready for whatever the day has in store for you! Show off that perfect pout 💋


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