Tip Of The Day! 

This tip of the day is a little something that could go along way. The use of corrective concealers. 
 Corrective concealers are quite different from your typical concealers. They come in colors like orange, purple, and yellow just to name a few. You may wonder why these concealers come in such odd colors. You may have even seen them before and thought that they were some sort of theatrical makeup and skipped right over them on your way down the aisle.  


 The colors of corrective concealers are supported by the laws of color which you can see on a color wheel. Every color has a complimentary color.The simplest way to explain this is by looking at the three primary colors blue, red and yellow.  These three colors are also found on the skin for different reasons. For example:


 Blue: Blue can be found on the skin in under eye circles or veins. In order to to cover, orange corrective concealer would be used. Orange is blues complimentary color. 

Red: Redness in the skin can be the result of breakouts, scars, or acne. In order to cover, green corrective concealer would be used. Green is reds complimentary color. 

Yellow: Yellow in the skin can be the result of an illness. A perfect example of that would be jaundice. In order to cover, purple (violet) corrective concealer would be used. Purple (violet) is yellows complimentary color. 


 NYX corrective concealer. For anyone like me who may have a darker pigment under the eye area this product is great. Creates a serious flawless under eye. 

 When two complimentary colors are combined, they create a neutral cancelling out the unwanted discoloration in the face. Using the concealer is simple. Make sure the face is clean and prepped with primer. Apply the corrective concealer to the troubled area and blend. Once blended apply your regular concealer and foundation. You’ll be amazed at the results! A radiant face with no undereye circles, redness or discoloration!   


Written By: Shannon Whitlock 


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