You’re Only As Good As Your Tools 🔨🔧

Looking to YouTube for makeup tutorials is definitely one of, if not the best way to learn how to do your own makeup. After all, YouTube taught me to contour. Though there were so many times that I’ve sat down, and gone step by step with what YouTube vlogger and makeup artist Chrisspy was telling me to do and it looked nothing like hers. My lines were too harsh, eyeshadow looked like I smeared mud on my eyelids, and my foundation 50 shades of brown. I wondered why I was not achieving the same or close to the same result she was getting. Is she a some type of magician? Although she is extremely talented she was not performing magic, but what she had done was provide herself with tools for success… A good set of makeup brushes.

 So many times we stop by the nearest beauty supply store and grab whatever 5 piece brush set they have. Using those time and time again. It’s important to not just purchase any brushes but brushes that are going to allow you to achieve what you need. Pictured above is an amazing layout courtesy of As you can see each brush differs in shape and size. Individually having a specific role to play in creating a flawless, blended, balanced look. For example, concealer is used to hide dark marks or circles which can be very small or under the eyes. With the concealer brush being small it allows you to apply product right in the smaller areas of the under eye where a larger brush would make it difficult to evenly apply product, creating blotchiness instead of a seamless look.  Or the eyeshadow brush, this brush is small for allowing product to be evenly distributed even near to tear duct but has a little thickness to it. Which allows you to pack product onto the lids and build it up before blending to avoid the muddy eyeshadow look we all hate. 

 So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the next question is where do we get these quality brushes? Well, I’m glad you asked. I just so happen to have a few answers! A couple of them extremely budget friendly. 

  1. Sigma- Top notch makeup brushes. Extremely soft and fluffy. No shed. I mean with a retail between $66.00-$200.00 they better not shed!
  2. M.A.C – MAC has a variety of awesome brushes. Extremely soft, lightweight, no shed. 
  3. Sonia Kashuk- This NYC natives line of brushes are awesome. Soft, light weight and awesome for blending. Budget friendly retails for $40.00 for the entire set and can be found at Target. 
  4. BH Cosmetics- Some may dispute this, but I am a believer in this line. It’s extremely affordable and delivery time is very quick. These brushes are light weight, with shedding being minimal and with a price range of $11.00-32.00 they can easily and regularly be replaced.      

  As celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanova recently told me during his Master Class “You are only as good as the tools you use.”  He could not of been more correct! Since I’ve given my brush set a face lift I can tell there has been a difference even in the way my makeup blends into my skin. I hope this was helpful to many, so that we can all have beautifully beat faces 🎨


Written By: Shannon Whitlock

Photo Credit:

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