Lash Game Strong 

   We all have that one item during a makeup application that once applied we feel the look comes full circle. For some it’s the lipstick, for others it’s the eyeliner, for me it’s a luscious, full pair of lashes.      
  My eyelash brand of choices changes from time to time but for a full picture perfect look that’s almost too good to be true Vegas Nay lashes by Ellure London are a must have. Vegas_Nay, amazing makeup artist and fashionista based out of Las Vegas, is a social media phenom whose amazing makeup pictorials and online video tutorials has made her an “IT” girl to industry professionals around the world. 


  Vegas Nay lashes come in 5 different varies. One of them being individual lashes for those who may prefer them to lash strips. Each box comes equip with a pair of eyelashes and an easy to apply adhesive. For beginners eyelashes can be a bit frustrating but no worries there is also a small booklet of instructions folded up inside of the packaging just for you. My personal favorite, Grand Glamor, are my go to lashes for any occasion. The bold, full, intense look these lashes give definitely captures the attention of onlookers. These lashes go perfectly paired with a subtle eyeshadow look or a dark mysterious smokey eye.  

 Vegas Nay Lashes are lightweight and reusable. Although I would suggest limiting use to two (2) wears. Vegas Nay lashes can be found at your local Ulta Beauty as well as online at and typically retail between $6.00-$8.00 depending upon which set of lashes you prefer. You too can obtain show stopping, picture perfect eyelashes with Vegas Nay Lashes By Ellure London. 

Happy Shopping 💄👜


Written By: Shannon Whitlock 
Instagram: shann_danielle_xo

Snapchat: shan_whitty


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