Let’s Be Mermaids 🎨 

 Colored hair is all the buzz in 2015. Especially this summer! So many women are constantly asking me how to accomplish rainbow/pastel colored hair without the harsh chemicals, the up keep, and the high salon prices.  
  I never had the answer. I was always the first one in line at the pro store purchasing all of the high end bleach and hair color, spending hours in the chair while my bestfriend striped my hair level 10 blonde in order to place that beautiful pastel shade on top. That beautiful pastel that after a week needed retouched on my now brittle hair that had been damaged by the bleach. Well, I now have an answer, a safe temporary alternative. One that with just 30 minutes you too can accomplish! 

Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Color is the new, safe alternative for those who want a pop of color without having to deal with the irreversible damage of using harsh chemicals on the hair. This product last 2-3 shampoos and works well with all hair types and shades.  

   The box comes equip with hair color, gloves, and instructions. This guide to perfect, temporary hair color is very easy to follow with only a few simple steps. Once distributed evenly throughout the hair, allow the product to dry,  brush out and style. No rinse necessary. Yes, you read correctly, this product does not require a rinse. Just style and go! 

Available in 5 different shades this product retails for… Are you ready? $7.00. No I’m not kidding seven bucks a box. Affordable for anyone who wants to switch it up without breaking the bank. Not to mention the colors can be paired together for the perfect ombré. Get your hands on these phenomial colors at your local Target or Walgreens and together we can be unleash our inner mermaid!   


Photo credit: Whitlock,Shannon 

Written By: Shannon D. Whitlock  


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