Wow Them With The Brows 

Eyebrows. We all have them. The question is are they good looking?  

 As a glam girl, eyebrows are one of, if not the most important part of a makeup application. Let’s be honest, whether we realize it or not the eyebrows are one of the first things we notice about an individual. Brows create symmetry and balance, they also have the ability to change the overall appearance of the face. Pretty amazing how two small patches of hair can mean so much!

 No need to stress, I have a product that brings great meaning to the popular phrase “Eyebrows On Fleek” Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.  

Dipbrow Pomade was brought to us by makeup creator Anastasia Soare, known to the world as Anastasia Beverly Hills. This product is a must have! It’s cream consistency allows it to glide right on during application. Creating a clean, defined, perfect eyebrow. Did I mention it’s waterproof? Perfect for a trip to the beach as well as humid climate. 

Featured in 11 shades, blonde, taupe, soft brown, auburn, caramel, medium brown, chocolate , ash brown, dark brown, ebony and granite. Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade is perfect for every woman trying to achieve that breathtaking brow!   Remember, very few of us are born with perfect brows, but with the right products a flawless look is achievable. Get out there and wow them with those brows!

Anastasia Dipbrow promade can be found at any Sephora, Ulta Beauty & Macy’s location. Also available @


written by: Shannon Whitlock


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