Today I’m featuring two of my favorite face primers. Face primers are essential to a makeup application. I like to use the comparison of that of a house with no foundation. You can surely build the house but it won’t last. It will fall apart if a sturdy foundation isn’t in place. This is the same as the face! You can apply makeup to a clean face but it’s only a matter of time before it begins to wear off and crack if the proper foundation (primer is the foundation in this case) isn’t layed down first.  


 The purpose of primer is to smooth the surface of the skin for even application and also give your product something to grip to. Primers serve as a barrier, keeping makeup in place and for those of you who are like me and have skin more on the dry side, it keeps my skin from taking the moisture out of my makeup which can cause a cakey look. Instructions for applying primer is simple. Wash face and pat dry. Continue by applying any primers/ moisturizers to the face before makeup!  

 Two of my favorite primers are awesome for a variety of skin types. As you can see I have both a super affordable option as well as a higher end option. Both work equally as well.  NYX and Smashbox can both be found at Ulta Beauty in stores or online. Smashbox can also be purchased at Sephora in stores or online. Below, I’ve given a description of both! Prep and Prime the right way for a lasting look with Smashbox photo finish and NYX Angel Veil.  

NYX Angel Veil– primer is more of a lotion very full coverage BUT it must be applied evenly and  rubbed in complete or it can make the skin appear a little grey. Retails for $15.99USD.

Smashbox photo finish– primer is very silky and smooth, goes on skin like velvet. Clear serum. A little can go along way. Ideal for dry skin. Retails for $36.00USD.


 ** looking something a bit thinner with the same velvet feel? Try Laura Mercier skin infusion nourishing oil also found at retails for $62.00USD (I’d suggest for dry skin) 

Written By: Shannon Whitlock 

Perfecting The Pout 💋

 Lips! Lips! Lips! Lips are all the rave lately and let’s be honest no look is ever complete without a finished pair of kissers.           

 Thank You Kylie Jenner for bringing awareness back to the lip game! Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like a full pair of perfectly done lips. Lip color is the cherry on top of the sundae pulling everything together. From bright red to jet black, lip color comes in many shades. Enough for everyone, no matter what skin tone you have, to find the right shade that suits you! 


 Nude lips are a favorite of mine and if I said it was as easy as just applying one shade and heading out the door I’d be lying. Who says you have to stick to one color and one color only? Why not use multiple products to create the perfect lip color. NYX and MAC serve up a few of my favorite shades to create the perfect nude as well as colored lips. You think it they have it. MAC Taupe, NYX London, NYX liner Nutmeg, NYX gloss Sugar Pie, and NYX matte lip color Maison are the products that I use to create a flawless nude lip.  




 The KEY to lip color is the same as applying any other product. Blending makes perfect. After lining and contouring the lips blending the lip colors from the inside to the outside is very important. Also remembering to clean up any uneven lines or smudged product around the lip area when finished.

 When all of this is done… BOOM! You and your lipstick are now ready for whatever the day has in store for you! Show off that perfect pout 💋


Tip Of The Day! 

This tip of the day is a little something that could go along way. The use of corrective concealers. 
 Corrective concealers are quite different from your typical concealers. They come in colors like orange, purple, and yellow just to name a few. You may wonder why these concealers come in such odd colors. You may have even seen them before and thought that they were some sort of theatrical makeup and skipped right over them on your way down the aisle.  


 The colors of corrective concealers are supported by the laws of color which you can see on a color wheel. Every color has a complimentary color.The simplest way to explain this is by looking at the three primary colors blue, red and yellow.  These three colors are also found on the skin for different reasons. For example:


 Blue: Blue can be found on the skin in under eye circles or veins. In order to to cover, orange corrective concealer would be used. Orange is blues complimentary color. 

Red: Redness in the skin can be the result of breakouts, scars, or acne. In order to cover, green corrective concealer would be used. Green is reds complimentary color. 

Yellow: Yellow in the skin can be the result of an illness. A perfect example of that would be jaundice. In order to cover, purple (violet) corrective concealer would be used. Purple (violet) is yellows complimentary color. 


 NYX corrective concealer. For anyone like me who may have a darker pigment under the eye area this product is great. Creates a serious flawless under eye. 

 When two complimentary colors are combined, they create a neutral cancelling out the unwanted discoloration in the face. Using the concealer is simple. Make sure the face is clean and prepped with primer. Apply the corrective concealer to the troubled area and blend. Once blended apply your regular concealer and foundation. You’ll be amazed at the results! A radiant face with no undereye circles, redness or discoloration!   


Written By: Shannon Whitlock 


Hello Highlight 💡

Highlighting and contouring. Made famous by celebs like Kim Kardashian, highlighting and contouring is a technique used to sculpt the face. The technique creates dimension used to either emphasize or downplay features of the natural face. 

Today, I’m going to share my favorite product for highlighting the cheek bones. Some lighting can cause the face to look flat, therefore the more of a three dimensional look that can be achieved the better. That’s where highlighting comes in also giving the face a gorgeous glow.  

 Lorac TANtalizer is my highlighter (powder) of choice when creating the perfect highlight to off set a contour. This powder is lightweight, sheer and packed with shimmer. It last all day and keeps the skin looking youthful, sun kissed and radiant. Baked in terra cotta, a natural clay, Lorac TANtalizer can sustain through even the most humid weather making it perfect for summer days spent by the pool or at the beach.  

 Although the product name states that this is a baked bronzer I would not recommend using it all over the entire face. This is some serious shimmer! It looks best when brushed over the cheek bones as a finishing highlight. Lorac TANtalizer is versatile and can be used for an effortless makeup daytime glow as well for bold night time glam.  

 Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer, another product to add to the list of absolute MUST HAVES. This product can be found in the Lorac product section of Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Kohls, and Nordstrom stores and comes in two sizes. Regular size retails for $33.00USD and the mini travel size retails for $8.00USD. Get yours! And together we can serve some extreme highlight realness!  


Written By: Shannon Whitlock  

A Few Of My Favorite Things: 

Today’s feature is one of the best things ever invented! Which is why it is really one of my all time favorite things!  

      MAC Prep+ Prime Fix+ spray is by far the best setting spray on the market. To be used before and after a makeup application. Fix+ once on the skin helps to blend the makeup together for a fixed look. Setting spray is important because it allows your makeup to last longer and continuously look fresh. MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ creates a dewey skin look great for summer. It also has a very clean fresh smell which is another reason this product is a necessity for every makeup bag.   

    A little disclaimer, for those of you with extremely oily skin. I would not recommend this product for you ( I have another setting spray article coming for those with this issue don’t worry).

 MAC Prep+Prime can be purchased at any MAC store or online at Also any MAC counter at Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus just to name a few. It retails for $22.00USD I promise you money well spent. 

Tip: spray MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ on your beauty blender before applying makeup to the blender then apply makeup to face for a very long lasting application! 

Written By: Shannon Whitlock

You’re Only As Good As Your Tools 🔨🔧

Looking to YouTube for makeup tutorials is definitely one of, if not the best way to learn how to do your own makeup. After all, YouTube taught me to contour. Though there were so many times that I’ve sat down, and gone step by step with what YouTube vlogger and makeup artist Chrisspy was telling me to do and it looked nothing like hers. My lines were too harsh, eyeshadow looked like I smeared mud on my eyelids, and my foundation 50 shades of brown. I wondered why I was not achieving the same or close to the same result she was getting. Is she a some type of magician? Although she is extremely talented she was not performing magic, but what she had done was provide herself with tools for success… A good set of makeup brushes.

 So many times we stop by the nearest beauty supply store and grab whatever 5 piece brush set they have. Using those time and time again. It’s important to not just purchase any brushes but brushes that are going to allow you to achieve what you need. Pictured above is an amazing layout courtesy of As you can see each brush differs in shape and size. Individually having a specific role to play in creating a flawless, blended, balanced look. For example, concealer is used to hide dark marks or circles which can be very small or under the eyes. With the concealer brush being small it allows you to apply product right in the smaller areas of the under eye where a larger brush would make it difficult to evenly apply product, creating blotchiness instead of a seamless look.  Or the eyeshadow brush, this brush is small for allowing product to be evenly distributed even near to tear duct but has a little thickness to it. Which allows you to pack product onto the lids and build it up before blending to avoid the muddy eyeshadow look we all hate. 

 So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the next question is where do we get these quality brushes? Well, I’m glad you asked. I just so happen to have a few answers! A couple of them extremely budget friendly. 

  1. Sigma- Top notch makeup brushes. Extremely soft and fluffy. No shed. I mean with a retail between $66.00-$200.00 they better not shed!
  2. M.A.C – MAC has a variety of awesome brushes. Extremely soft, lightweight, no shed. 
  3. Sonia Kashuk- This NYC natives line of brushes are awesome. Soft, light weight and awesome for blending. Budget friendly retails for $40.00 for the entire set and can be found at Target. 
  4. BH Cosmetics- Some may dispute this, but I am a believer in this line. It’s extremely affordable and delivery time is very quick. These brushes are light weight, with shedding being minimal and with a price range of $11.00-32.00 they can easily and regularly be replaced.      

  As celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanova recently told me during his Master Class “You are only as good as the tools you use.”  He could not of been more correct! Since I’ve given my brush set a face lift I can tell there has been a difference even in the way my makeup blends into my skin. I hope this was helpful to many, so that we can all have beautifully beat faces 🎨


Written By: Shannon Whitlock

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Lash Game Strong 

   We all have that one item during a makeup application that once applied we feel the look comes full circle. For some it’s the lipstick, for others it’s the eyeliner, for me it’s a luscious, full pair of lashes.      
  My eyelash brand of choices changes from time to time but for a full picture perfect look that’s almost too good to be true Vegas Nay lashes by Ellure London are a must have. Vegas_Nay, amazing makeup artist and fashionista based out of Las Vegas, is a social media phenom whose amazing makeup pictorials and online video tutorials has made her an “IT” girl to industry professionals around the world. 


  Vegas Nay lashes come in 5 different varies. One of them being individual lashes for those who may prefer them to lash strips. Each box comes equip with a pair of eyelashes and an easy to apply adhesive. For beginners eyelashes can be a bit frustrating but no worries there is also a small booklet of instructions folded up inside of the packaging just for you. My personal favorite, Grand Glamor, are my go to lashes for any occasion. The bold, full, intense look these lashes give definitely captures the attention of onlookers. These lashes go perfectly paired with a subtle eyeshadow look or a dark mysterious smokey eye.  

 Vegas Nay Lashes are lightweight and reusable. Although I would suggest limiting use to two (2) wears. Vegas Nay lashes can be found at your local Ulta Beauty as well as online at and typically retail between $6.00-$8.00 depending upon which set of lashes you prefer. You too can obtain show stopping, picture perfect eyelashes with Vegas Nay Lashes By Ellure London. 

Happy Shopping 💄👜


Written By: Shannon Whitlock 
Instagram: shann_danielle_xo

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Let’s Be Mermaids 🎨 

 Colored hair is all the buzz in 2015. Especially this summer! So many women are constantly asking me how to accomplish rainbow/pastel colored hair without the harsh chemicals, the up keep, and the high salon prices.  
  I never had the answer. I was always the first one in line at the pro store purchasing all of the high end bleach and hair color, spending hours in the chair while my bestfriend striped my hair level 10 blonde in order to place that beautiful pastel shade on top. That beautiful pastel that after a week needed retouched on my now brittle hair that had been damaged by the bleach. Well, I now have an answer, a safe temporary alternative. One that with just 30 minutes you too can accomplish! 

Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Color is the new, safe alternative for those who want a pop of color without having to deal with the irreversible damage of using harsh chemicals on the hair. This product last 2-3 shampoos and works well with all hair types and shades.  

   The box comes equip with hair color, gloves, and instructions. This guide to perfect, temporary hair color is very easy to follow with only a few simple steps. Once distributed evenly throughout the hair, allow the product to dry,  brush out and style. No rinse necessary. Yes, you read correctly, this product does not require a rinse. Just style and go! 

Available in 5 different shades this product retails for… Are you ready? $7.00. No I’m not kidding seven bucks a box. Affordable for anyone who wants to switch it up without breaking the bank. Not to mention the colors can be paired together for the perfect ombré. Get your hands on these phenomial colors at your local Target or Walgreens and together we can be unleash our inner mermaid!

Photo credit: Whitlock,Shannon 

Written By: Shannon D. Whitlock  


Wow Them With The Brows 

Eyebrows. We all have them. The question is are they good looking?  

 As a glam girl, eyebrows are one of, if not the most important part of a makeup application. Let’s be honest, whether we realize it or not the eyebrows are one of the first things we notice about an individual. Brows create symmetry and balance, they also have the ability to change the overall appearance of the face. Pretty amazing how two small patches of hair can mean so much!

 No need to stress, I have a product that brings great meaning to the popular phrase “Eyebrows On Fleek” Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.  

Dipbrow Pomade was brought to us by makeup creator Anastasia Soare, known to the world as Anastasia Beverly Hills. This product is a must have! It’s cream consistency allows it to glide right on during application. Creating a clean, defined, perfect eyebrow. Did I mention it’s waterproof? Perfect for a trip to the beach as well as humid climate. 

Featured in 11 shades, blonde, taupe, soft brown, auburn, caramel, medium brown, chocolate , ash brown, dark brown, ebony and granite. Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade is perfect for every woman trying to achieve that breathtaking brow!   Remember, very few of us are born with perfect brows, but with the right products a flawless look is achievable. Get out there and wow them with those brows!

Anastasia Dipbrow promade can be found at any Sephora, Ulta Beauty & Macy’s location. Also available @


written by: Shannon Whitlock


Let’s Get Nude 💅

This summer, nude is definitely the new black when it comes to clothing and shoes, but let’s not forget the nails! Nude neutrals are perfect for any setting. From the office to a night out you can not go wrong with these amazing shades.  

  My personal favorite, Barefoot In Barcelona, by OPI is the perfect sand colored polish. Paired with my favorite nail shape, almond, with a matte top coat also OPI. 

  You will definitely be stylish and chic this summer in the nude… Nude polish that is! OPI polishes can be found at Ulta Beauty stores and online at  Retail:$9.50USD